Executive Panel Discussion: Delivering ITSM in the World of Cybersecurity Risk
Thursday, May 3rd., 2018 - Rochester, NY.



Please join us on Thursday, May 3rd at 6:00 p.m. for our Executive Panel discussion on Delivering ITSM in the World of Cybersecurity Risk, hosted by Patrick Stack, of StackCyber Consulting.  Patrick will facilitate a discussion with our panel of local executives about information security and current trends, roles, and risks.

Patrick, a Rochester resident and Rochester Institute of Technology graduate, is the owner of StackCyber Consulting providing consulting on Cybersecurity at the business and IT level, as well as IT Management consulting. He recently retired from the Eastman Kodak Company where he was the CISO and a Global IT Director reporting to the CIO. As a member of Kodak's global IT leadership team over the last 10 years, his individual responsibilities have included IT Security, Compliance (SOX, PCI, IT Audit), Enterprise Architecture, SAP Center of Excellence, the Program Management Center of Excellence, SAP Analytics, and Master Data Management.  

A buffet dinner is included with your registration.

Date: May 3rd, 2018






2017 AOY and DSTOY Award Ceremony

Jennifer D'Lima DSTOY with President Liz Bunger

Jennifer D'Lima DSTOY with President Liz Bunger

      Ben Collins AOY with President Liz Bunger

      Ben Collins AOY with President Liz Bunger

Congratulations to our 2017 AOY and DSTOY winners Ben Collins and Jennifer D'Lima. The award ceremony was a great success. Thank you to all who came out to celebrate these amazing individuals.   

HDI WCNY Incident Service Catalog and Request Management Round Table April 13th, 2017 

When you go home everyday, many of your interactions with providers of goods and services likely occur via the internet (check bank statements, pay bills online, communicate with friends and family, buy products, etc.). We have come to expect the convenience, transparency, and ease of use from these services. What changes when we go to work? Why is it all of a sudden acceptable to have to print forms to fill out, manually manage processes, and be in the dark about the status of your requests? 


Empower your business and technical users to interact and order the services they need to do their job, provide transparency into the approval process, and allow users to track the progress of their own requests. In this mini-workshop session, we'll discuss how a service catalog offers you the opportunity to present your business and technical services in a manner that are consumable in a modern self-service storefront.


Dan Caulfield, a Service Management and IT Operations specialist from ServiceNow, will lead the discussion on how an effective service catalog enables IT to deliver business services that are more customer and service focused. Light refreshments will be served.

HDI WCNY Incident Response Planning Round Table - February 15th, 2017

   Keynote John D. Flory III

   Keynote John D. Flory III

With the growing threat of security incidents, the support community is often at the center of activity when news breaks of potential threats or suspected data breaches in our own organizations. It is critical for all organizations to have a plan for managing potential and real incidents! Whether you have a plan and want to validate it or don't have a plan and want ideas on where to get started, the next HDI Western Central NY Round Table is a great opportunity for you!   

John D. Flory III, recognized cyber security expert, will be sharing his insight and experience in the realm of physical, social and cyber security concepts. John's hands on security experience dealing with real time cyber security attacks and remediation offers a valuable resource to organizations in their cyber preparation.  John's leading edge approach has allowed him to help create human firewalls as one of the key pillars of defense. 

John will share a presentation and facilitate round table discussion with your peers on Incident Response planning! Light refreshments will be served.

When: February 15, 2016 from 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Where: Paychex - 1175 John Street, West Henrietta, NY 14586

Cost: Free for Members; $15 for Non-Members

HDIWCNY round table discussion - "The Best Service is No Service"

               Keynote Brandon Caudle

               Keynote Brandon Caudle

November 10th 2016 at Paychex in Henrietta. 

1:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Imagine a world where the Service Desk as we know it does NOT exist. Think of a universe without Manic Mondays. Close your eyes and dream of a place where customer support is radically different from the reactive model most organizations have today.  That paradigm is rapidly coming, and Knowledge plays an integral role in its formation and the accompanying business transformation. The core teaming of Knowledge across ITIL processes is tilting the playing field and eliminating the need for End User Support.

Far from implausible, forward thinking organizations today are already reducing and eliminating manual support with concepts such as:

·  Zero hardware support

· 100% automated requests and incidents

· DIY (do it yourself) / crowdsourced support

 Join industry leader, Brandon Caudle, as he shares how the industry is shifting to a new level of support, where the Best Service is No Service!

 Brandon Caudle is a seasoned service and support industry practitioner and consultant, with more than twenty years of experience working in and with Fortune 500 companies.  As an industry visionary, he has driven ITIL and knowledge initiatives across multiple companies and countries. Today, Brandon uses his KCS expertise, skillset, and experience to assess, implement, and evolve knowledge and CRM solutions in the technical service and support industry.