The Best Service is no Service

November 10th 2016 at Paychex in Henrietta. 

Imagine a world where the Service Desk as we know it does NOT exist. Think of a universe without Manic Mondays. Close your eyes and dream of a place where customer support is radically different from the reactive model most organizations have to

day.  That paradigm is rapidly coming, and Knowledge plays an integral role in its formation and the accompanying business transformation. The core teaming of Knowledge across ITIL processes is tilting the playing field and eliminating the need for End User Support.

Far from implausible, forward thinking organizations today are already reducing and eliminating manual support with concepts such as:

·Zero hardware support

·100% automated requests and incidents

·DIY (do it yourself) / crowdsourced support

Join industry leader, Brandon Caudle, as he shares how the industry is shifting to a new level of support, where the Best Service is No Service!

Brandon Caudle is a seasoned service and support industry practitioner and consultant, with more than twenty years of experience working in and with Fortune 500 companies.  As an industry visionary, he has driven ITIL and knowledge initiatives across multiple companies and countries. Today, Brandon uses his KCS expertise, skillset, and experience to assess, implement, and evolve knowledge and CRM solutions in the technical service and support industry.