KCS Roundtable

As IT professionals, we all love technology.  We’re drawn to its promise.  We’re excited at the possibilities it holds for our organizations.  At the same time we all know that technology projects rarely fail because the technology doesn’t work.  Lack of process development and a failure to prepare people to thrive with their new toolset are far more likely causes of project failure. 

Knowledge Management is no different.  In fact it may be more dependent on process and people than most IT projects, since knowledge is only useful if it’s, well, used. 

Join us on November 13, 2014 at 1:30 pm as we discuss Knowledge Centered Support (KCS).  Knowledge Centered Support is an approach to Knowledge Management that focuses on investing in people and process as the keys to success. 

The event will start with a 45 minute presentation on the KCS approach from Rick Joslin - Executive Director of Certification and Training for HDI.  Rick will then lead a roundtable discussion and Q&A session.  Participants are encouraged to share experiences and ask questions of Rick and of other organizations. 

This is a great opportunity to meet other professionals struggling with similar problems.  Our last roundtable discussion drew over 50 professionals from 21 different companies spanning the Health Care, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Customer Service industries.

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